Hospice Memorial Walk

Team Tyvaier

Thank you for supporting me in the 22nd Annual Hospice Memorial Walk in support of Hospice Buffalo. Every year I organize a team to walk in Memory of my only son Tyvaier. Tyvaier was under care in the Essential Care Program through Hospice Buffalo.

My son was diagnosed at age 12 with stage 4 liver Cancer (Heptoblastoma) on Christmas day 2007 and we meet our Hospice team on December 26th. At first they just visited for the first week of our hospital stay. When we were ready to talk with them after New Year’s Day 2008; they were very pleasant and helpful with understanding the process of what was actually happening to my son. From that moment on, they became friends and family members. They called or came by every day of my son’s 18 month battle with Cancer. The team was instrumental in helping Tyvaier complete his bucket list. The list included various things from meeting celebrities, to traveling and even making art work. Tyvaier loved his team; which included a social worker, a child life specialist and a home nurse. Tyvaier made me promise to give back to all of the organizations who helped care for him, while allowing him to still have fun and enjoy life.

I will forever be grateful to our team for allowing me to enjoy my son and not worry about other things, like bills or medical appointments. I walk because Hospice Buffalo provided us with Tyvaier’s superheroes and my friends and family want to ensure that other families continue to receive the same type of care that we had and the only way to do that is by raising funds to support Hospice Buffalo.

Please consider walking with me at Canalside, downtown Buffalo, on Sunday, May 20th 2018 as we walk to keep Hospice care going in Erie County!If you are not able to Walk, I hope you'll support my fundraising efforts by making a donation to my Walk page.

With Love,


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