Virtual Hospice Memorial Walk 2020




It has been a difficult two years with both my parents battle with bladder and breast cancer and both of their passing. During this time and the time that followed, I only remember being met with kindness and compassion by every staff member of Buffalo Hospice. They deliver on every promise and their consideration cant be overstated. Most people think of death and dying when they think of Hospice. That is not the case. It is about life and cherishing the time lived with compassion and love. " Its not about dying- its about living". Hospice helped fullfill both my parents wish to pass in the comfort of their home. My mom was able to live in my home in her final months. Hospice answered all my questions and concerns , even in all hours of the night. The nurses came daily to check on my mom and showed me everything I needed to do to provide my mother care and spend as much quality time as I could with her.  Buffalo Hospice also provided counselers for my mom and my family including my children. They are true experts in pain management, equipement, and especially emotional and spritual support. I want to thank you for supporting us in the 24th Annual Hospice Memorial Walk in support of Hospice Buffalo. Please consider joining our team at Canalside, downtown Buffalo, on Sunday, May 17, 2020 as we walk to keep Hospice care going in Erie County!

If you are not able to Walk, we hope you'll support our team's fundraising efforts by making a donation to the Hospice Memorial Walk.

Hospice Buffalo provides exceptional care and life enhancing services for seriously ill patients and those who share their lives. Did you know? Hospice Buffalo provides comfort and care to more than 900 patients a day in homes, hospitals, nursing homes and at the Hospice Mitchell Campus in Cheektowaga.

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